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PanzerGlass Apple iPhone 12 mini - Black Case Friendly - Anti-Blue Light AB - MicroFracture Technology

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PanzerGlass™ Anti-Blue Light Glass:
Blue light can cause premature eye aging, fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and sleep disruption, especially in children. PanzerGlass’ True Color technology filters harmful blue light without affecting the true colors of your device.
This Anti-Blue Light PanzerGlass™ is a screen protection made of flat tempered glass. The glass typically features at least one precision drilled hole that matches the position of the loudspeaker of the device. Additional openings may also be used to accommodate sensors, buttons and camera elements.
PanzerGlass™ Anti-Bacterial:
Anti-Bacterial PanzerGlass™ with built-in signature coating with antibacterial effects killing up to 99.99% of bacteria.
The shape of the original PanzerGlass™ is optimised for maximum protection of the mobile device's display, while maintaining full functionality and ease of use.
All edges are carefully rounded, polished and coated with an 'anti-smudge' material to maintain an excellent touch and feel.

- For perfect 100% alignment of the PanzerGlass™ on the smartphone.
- >99.99% reduction of bacteria.

- Scientifically proven block harmful blue light.
- Improves your sleep.
- Reduction in eye-strain.
- Protects your eyes.
- Preserves true colors.

Glass specifications:
- Crystal clear.
- Impact resistant.
- Scratch-resistant.
- Rounded edges.
- Optimised adhesive and anti-scatter film.
- Full touch.
- Easy to attach.
- Fingerprint-resistant.


Itemcode PZ-2722
Ean 5711724027222
Merk PanzerGlass
Fabrikant Apple
Type iPhone 12 mini
Status EOP/EOL
TypeGlass MicroFracture
Geschikt voor Smartphones
ModelGlassCapacity Anti-Blue Light
CaseFriendy Case Friendly
CategoryGlass Edge-to-Edge
Kleur Black

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