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PanzerGlass Samsung Galaxy S10 PRIVACY - Black Case Friendly - SUPER+ Glass


PanzerGlass PRIVACY features the same core benefits as the original PanzerGlass screen protection, while also shielding the contents of the mobile device's display from curious eyes. The PRIVACY filter ensures, that only the person using the device while looking straight at the display, can see the contents. This means, that you can use your mobile device while sitting in an airplane, in a train, on a bench etc. without the person sitting next to you can see the potentially confidential contents of your device's display. - Confidentiality function (keeps your conversations private) - Impact resistant - Scratch-resistant - Rounded edges - Optimised adhesive and anti-scatter film - Full touch - Easy to attach Please note: The Samsung S10/S10+ will have a new ultrasonic inscreen fingerprint reader meaning only screen protectors less than 0.2 mm will work with the sensor. PanzerGlass is usually around 0.5 mm to 0.6 mm for the Samsung series and will therefore not work with the sensor. The user will still be able to access the phone through the face-scanner or by typing a code on the display.

Merk PanzerGlass
Colour Black
Fabrikant Samsung
Type Galaxy S10
Itemcode PZ-P7175
Ean 5711724171758
Artikelnr. Prijs st. Aantal Op voorraad
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