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PanzerGlass Shimano Steps E6010 - Black - Anti-Glare


PanzerGlass™ cycling screen protections are protecting your screens on your bike’s computer display against shocks and scratches. PanzerGlass™ is made from tempered glass, which makes it very strong and able to protect your gear from the types of impact associated with an active lifestyle. The glass in this screen protection has an Anti-Glare effect, thereby it reduces glare, improves visibility of the screen and images in direct sunlight. Also allowing you to see the display even in very brightly-lit surroundings. Furthermore, the glass is water-resistant and can withstand humidity. Features: • Water-resistant. • Humidity Protection. • Impact-resistant. • Scratch-resistant. • Anti-Glare glass. • Reduces surface gloss. • Full touch. • Fingerprint-resistant. • Easy to attach.

Merk PanzerGlass
Colour Black
Fabrikant Shimano
Type Steps
Itemcode PZ-3610
Ean 5711724036101
Artikelnr. Prijs st. Aantal Op voorraad
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