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PanzerGlass SPRAY Twice a Day 100 ml


PanzerGlass™ Cleaning Solutions, SPRAY Twice A Day. Spray Twice A Day is a cleaning solution for all types of tech-screens such as: Cell phones, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PC screens, Smart Watches, Navigation systems and (Sun) Glasses. Spray Twice A Day is based on water and contains only active ingredients commonly used in human hygiene and cosmetic products. The active ingredients are obtainable from sustainable sources of natural origin. When the cleaning solution is applied onto a surface, it aids in the removal bacteria and dirt/grease from the surface upon polishing with the PanzerGlass™ microfiber cloth. Spray Twice A Day contains: • Successfully removes 99.999% of all bacteria and the most 4 common hospital bacteria. • Without: alcohol, allergenic odor, ammonia, preservatives, phosphate, toxic substances and perfumes. • No allergenic odor. • No alcohol that affects the oleophobic coating of your screen. • Approved according to ISO EN 1276 - European approach to compare the antibacterial effect in a cleaning solution. • The bottles are made from recyclable PETG. Spray Twice A Day packaging contains: • Bottle 100 ml. • Microfiber cloth. • Brush. • Pouch. # MOQ 20 pieces!

Merk PanzerGlass
Colour Orange
Fabrikant PanzerGlass
Type Universal
Itemcode PZ-8952
Ean 5711724089527
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